Donations on Georgy Kovalenko's Treatment

We are from Moscow, Russia. Our son Georgy Kovalenko (born in March 2011) was diagnosed with retroperitoneal neuroblastoma (4 stage) with bone marrow involvement in April 2014.

He had quite successful treatment in Moscow and St. Petersburg (chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplantation). Since November 2014 he was in remission, the small residual tumor was not active. In June 2015 the relapse of the disease was discovered, Georgy had a new lesion near the primary site. Relapsed neuroblastoma is treating very poorly in Russia, that’s why we started to search foreign clinic which has specialization in our problem. Nevertheless our docktors refused to give official recommendation for foreign treatment.

Georgy was invited in University Hospital in Greifswald in Germany in September 2015. We paid the bill for the treatment ourselves, with the help of our family and close friends. After two cycles of restrictive chemotherapy Georgy had started immunotherapy with antibodies. But after two cycles of it, unfortunately, the progression of the disease was found, new lesion in abdomen and possible bone metastases in his arm. So the doctors changed the treatment plan. The first stage is surgery and chemotherapy (RIST protocol), the second stage is possibly haploidentical stem cell transplantation. The bill for the first stage was 216 000 euro. We have about 90 000 euro on the clinic deposit, but we had to get the remaining sum, so we started a fundraising.

In January 2016 Georgy had a surgery in Greifswald, all lesions were removed from the abdomen. The biopsy reveald a mutation of ALK-gene in the tumor, which occured in 10-15% of neuroblastomas. The doctors suggested new experimental therapy for this type of tumor - targeted therapy with ALK inhibitors. This type of treatment is held only in few clinics worldwide yet, including Cologne University Clinic. Since February of 2016 Georgy have started the new therapy in Cologne. All our funds were transfered from Greifswald to Cologne Clinic. The following treatment depends on current therapy responce.

Dear friends, it seems that we have enough money for current therapy. Thank you for your great help! Keep in touch in our social network pages.

Sincerely, Nikolay and Yulia Kovalenko, Georgy’s parents


Donations (30.03.2016):
49 000 € were transfered on hospital's account (incl. 15 000 € from Ein Herz für Kinder foundation)
Account in rubles (Sberbank): 1 846 585 RUB
Account in euro (Raiffeisenbank): 205 €
PayPal: 856 €
Total: approximately 73 000 €

23 303 € - surgery in Greifswald University Clinic, 03.01-21.01.2016

The fundraising is closed!


Cost estimate from Greifswald Hospital - RIST, Surgery
Latest doctor's statement from Greifswald Hospital, December 2015 (german)
Statement from Moscow's Morozovskaya Hospital, July 2015 (russian)
Birth certificate

Payment check to the clinic (30 000 €)
Payment check to the clinic (4 000 €)
Ein Herz für Kinder Foundation letter of guarantee (15 000 €)

Payment Information

The fundraising is closed!


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Nikolay Kovalenko (father)

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